Spring Grove Soccer Association

Executive Board Members

  • President: Tony Culp - tmculp1@gmail.com
  • VP Girls: Craig Ayers - craigly69@gmail.com
  • VP Boys: Chris Salemme - csalemme5701@gmail.com
  • VP Intramurals: Christian Toomey - christiantoomey@comcast.net
  • Treasurer: Matthew Skelly - mattskellysoccer@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Alisha Hess - secretarysgsoccer@gmail.com
  • Registrar: Jami Potts - jeffjamipotts@gmail.com

Administration & Volunteers

  • U6 Coordinator: Opportunity Available
  • U8 Coordinator: Missy Culp - tmculp@comcast.net
  • Concession Coordinator: Heather Harris - silvdmama@gmail.com
  • Uniform Manager: Ashley Yohe - babigrl1667@gmail.com
  • Equipment Manager: Heather Zimmerman - heatherzimmerman1969@gmail.com
  • Field Maintenance: Arnie Kanwischer

Interested in volunteering?

SGSA needs your help! More info on our Volunteer page.

We are ALWAYS looking for more help in every capacity. If you are willing to give time, we are willing to accept it! If you are interested in helping out with the club ANY way, please feel free to contact any one of us at any time. We look forward to working with you and continuing to build our little club!